Arterial hypertension in young patients with obesity: the main risk factors

L. Himion, O. Rud'


The risk factors of hypertension among young patients prevalence study is an important task of modern family medicine. Goal: to identify the prevalence of hypertension and the incidence of basic and  additional risk factors for high blood pressure among young patients with excess body weight and obesity. Materials and methods. The study was conducted at the P.L.Shupyk NMAPE the Department of Family Medicine, based at the "PMSH Centre Rusanivka" (Kyiv) and the CF KOR "Kyiv Regional Hospital". According to the criteria for inclusion there were involved in the study 22 patients with excess body weight and ith different degrees of obesity (study group) and 20 healthy individuals with normal weight (control group). All patients (100%) of the main group had central type of obesity (abdominal); 3 (13.63%) patients had excess body weight, 10 (45.45%) - and the 1-st degree of obesity, 8 (36.36%) patients of obesity was noted in the 2-nd degree and 1 (4.54%) - obesity 3-rd degree. Among patients with a core group of 16 (72.72%) patients were smokers and 13 (59%) patients were sedentary. In the control group 3 (15%) people smoked and 7 (35%) - led a sedentary life. To all patients and the control group persons performed complex clinical-laboratory and instrumental investigations. All patients underwent duplex scanning CA on ultrasonic device «Ultima Pro-30" ("Radmir" Ukraine) linear transducer with a frequency of 5.10 MHz to determine the state of the vascular wall and atherosclerotic monitoring, etc. Statistical analysis of the results was carried out in the form of tables «Microsoft Excel». Statistical analysis was performed using the computer program «Statistic 6,0». Results and discussion. The article presents the current scientific data and the results of research about the prevalence and  distribution of arterial hypertension and risk factors of high blood pressure in young adults with overweight and obesity. Conclusions. So, the systolic and diastolic blood pressure was elevated significantly more often among young people with excess body weight and obesity. The weight gain is associated with the pro-atherogenic changes in lipid, carbohydrate and purine metabolism, as well as with an increase in PSA levels, which leads to the atherosclerosis progression and cardiovascular risk increase.


arterial hypertension; obesity; risk factors


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