The organizational model to involve of general practitioners - family doctors to provide palliative and hospice care for geriatric patients

A. Tsarenko


There were faces a rapid population aging, the spread of illness and death from cancer and chronic noncommunicable diseases, the low public availability of palliative and hospice care (PHC) in Ukraine and around the world. Goal: the scientific study of optimal organizational model to involve general practitioners and family physicians (GP-FP) to provide palliative and hospice care geriatric patient, that will contribute to modern available and efficient system PHC the development and introduction in Ukraine. The materials are used for the research: the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine and WHO medical-statistical and demographic data, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Regional Health Care Departments reports, the international and national legal documents, the national and foreign scientific literature, the expert conclusion. Methods: the information-analytical, the comparative content analysis, the statistical aqnd systemic approach. Results and discussion. Our research results demonstrate that it is not ensured the availability of PHC for most people in Ukraine yet. There were not established the PHC Centers or Hospices even in all Regional and large cities (not to mention the rural areas) and majority of PHC facilities are extremely limited in resource. It is proved the multidisciplinary and multisectoral PHC model and conditions to involve GP-FP to provide quality palliative care geriatric patients on an outpatient basis and palliative homecare. Conclusions. The proposed organizational and functional PHC model aimed at increasing the availability and quality of health and social care incurable patients with malignant cancer and other severe chronic progressive disease in end-of-life. An important condition for the effectiveness of the GP-FP to provide palliative homecare is special training for students, interns and doctors who receive a specialization in family medicine on PHC issue in under- and postgraduate education medical institutions. The condition of efficiency of PHC incurable patients, particularly elderly and senile patients on an outpatient basis and at home, is to work in a multidisciplinary team to combine efforts, coordination and cooperation GP-FP and medical specialists, social staff, volunteers, representatives the private sector and NGOs, clerics and others.


Palliative and Hospice Care; General Practitioners-Family Doctors; outpatient palliative care; inpatient palliative and hospice care; palliative and hospice care facility; palliative homecare; palliative and hospice care multidisciplinary mobile team


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