The factors affecting the sale of antibacterial drugs by pharmacists in retail pharmaceutical organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic

Т. Кeldibekova, А. Zurdinov, Т. Sabirova


93.6% of respondents of the sociological survey of 327 pharmacists of retail pharmaceutical organizations in the KR said that patients had asked to sale antibacterial drugs (ABD) for them without a doctor’s prescription. In the most cases (80%) the patients come with physicians’ prescriptions on the original ABD under the brand names. The main factors accounted by pharmacists at carrying out of ABD generic substitution are the active substance of ABD, its dosage, manufacturer and the cost of ABD. Detected insufficient pharmacist’s knowledge level on ABD basic pharmacology and normative and legal documents of the KR regulating prescription of ABD under substitute international nonproprietary name in pharmacies. The obtained data can be used to improve the quality of pharmaceutical care to patients in the KR.


pharmacist; antibacterial drugs; pharmacy; information and advisory assistance; the pharmaceutical market


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