Chronic laryngostenosis due to scar in children

A. Kosakovskyi


The authors have examined and treated 148 children aged 1-15 years with chronic cicatricial laryngeal stenosis, 124 of which were children with cannulas. Laryngeal stenosis occurred in 75.4% of patients, atresia (ІV degree of stenosis) – in 24.6%. Hoarseness was observed in 16.9% of children with laryngeal stenosis, and loss of voice was observed in all patients with laryngeal atresia. Swallowing disorder occurred in 11% of children with chronic cicatricial stenosis of the larynx and cervical trachea. There were used traditional surgical tools and welding technologies for scar removal. Restoring breath and voice function after a single laryngeal intervention occurred in 104 (83.9%) children with cannulas. In 20 (16.1%) patients – decannullation was performed after repeated plastic surgery of the larynx. Immediately after the treatment a divided laryngeal function restored in 12 of 16 children.


children; cicatricial laryngeal stenosis; treatment; electric welding of biological tissues


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