Contemporary State of Dolphin Therapy (a survey of literary and our own data)

A. Chuprikov, B. Popovskiy, T. Shypelik


There is a survey of the literary and our own information concerning dolphin therapy in pediatric psychiatry and neurology. As a new method of rehabilitation to the contemporary children psychiatrists, dolphin therapy draws more and more attention rather of the parents of the sick children than the experts in this field. Owing to their persistence it has taken its considerable place among the auxiliary methods supplementing the complex therapy of infantile autism, psycho-organic disturbances, the backlogs of psycho-speech development, mental retardation and the other states. The authors voicing some doubts in validity of the therapeutic action of this method are not acquainted with the corresponding Russian literature. In process of the further humanization of psychiatry dolphin therapy will occupy a proper place among the ways of psycho-sensory integration of the developing brain as one of methods of animal therapy.


dolphin therapy; pediatric psychiatry and neurology


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