The multiplex real-time PCR in the diagnosis of URTI in hospitalized children with bronchial syndrome

Yu. Boyko, S. Rudenko, I. Dzyublyk


The aim of our research was the use of multiplex Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method in etiological diagnosis of Upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) in hospitalized children with a bronchial syndrome. The research involved 28 children aged 5 months to 6 years. The mean age of patients was 33,7 (95% CI 24,5 – 43,0) months. Viruses were identified at 75% of patients. At 39,3% Bokavirus was found. Metapnevmovirus was found at 10,7% of patients. Exacerbation of bronchial asthma is 2,3 times more likely to be associated with the Bokavirus infection in comparison with patients with obstructive bronchitis (RR = 2,3 (95% CI 0,9-6,2)). Duration of the bronchial obstruction syndrome in children with bronchial asthma was significantly higher (p <0,0001) than in children with obstructive bronchitis – 5,3 (95% CI 4,1-6,4) days versus 2,7 (95% CI 2 ,3-3, 1) days. Results of the research confirm the etiologic role of viral infections and new respiratory viruses in the occurrence of the bronchial obstruction syndrome.


PCR; multiplexed PCR in real time; children; URTI; bronchial obstruction syndrome


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