Some diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of Bouveret syndrome

G.G. Roschyn, M.I. Tutchenko, N.I. Іskra, D.V. Rudyk


Background. The analysis of the diagnosis and treatment of patients with adhesive disease is carried out. Seven out of 188 operated patients had Bouveret syndrome which was diagnosed before the surgery only in one case. The purpose was to determine the possibility of minimally invasive laparoscopic and laparoscopic-assisted interventions in patients with acute intestinal obstruction (AIO) on the background of gallstone ileus. Materials and methods. 188 patients (men and women aged 49 to 89 years) were urgently hospitalized with intestinal obstruction and were treated at the in-patient surgical department N 1 of the Kyiv Municipal Clinical Emergency Hospital during 2006–2016. Results. Treatment outcomes showed that in an urgent situation, which is definitely the presence of AIO, due to the release of concrete in the lumen of the gut, the volume of surgical intervention should be minimal and aimed at eliminating intestinal obstruction — removal of stone by enterotomy. Conclusions. The analysis of diagnostic aspects has shown that it is expedient to include patients with AIO in the protocol for conducting ultrasound examination in order to detect changes in the gallbladder, to assess the nature of its contents and signs of AIO.


Bouveret syndrome; acute intestinal obstruction; adhesive obstruction; laparoscopy


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