Non-pharmacological treatment methods of knee joints osteoarthrosis

O.G. Shekera, M.S. Panasenko


Background. The non-pharmacological treatment methods of knee joints osteoarthritis has been analyzed. The purpose of the study was to analyze the effectiveness of physical (therapeutic) exercises as a component of the tactics of knee joints osteoarthrosis treatment and to review physiotherapeutic methods in the treatment of knee osteoarthrosis. Materials and methods. The authors used the following methods: informational-analytical, bibliometric, structural-logical analysis, system approach. Results. The article determines the relevance and expediency of physical exercises and physiotherapeutic methods using in the complex treatment of knee joints osteoarthrosis. Conclusions. Regular physical exercises may slow down knee joints osteoarthrosis progression and obstruct structural changes at the disease. However, it requires thorough study. Problematic issue is to choose an effective program in the context of the content, duration and intensity of the exercises. Physical therapy methods are used to enhance the effect of drugs and simultaneous prophylaxis of the disease. The correct therapeutic physiotherapy methods optimize a body functioning of basic homeostatic systems, increase its reserve capabilities, slow the progression of the disease and accelerate recovery processes.


knee osteoarthritis; non-pharmacological treatment; physical (therapeutic) exercises; physiotherapy methods

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