Medical-social analysis of the normatively-legal basis of Ukrainian and some international documents about palliative and hospice care providing

A. V. Tsarenko


Baskground. One of the priority directions of scientific research in the field of social medicine and health care is the development and substantiation of the best models for the organization of an affordable, high-quality and efficient  PHC System in Ukraine, that requires the formation of a state policy of the PHC support and its implementation with taking into account the best international and national experience, opportunities and conditions of the country. The urgency of the problem and the global need for PHC are growing in connection with the unbridled aging of the population and the spread of severe chronic progressive diseases, including those, a treatment of which is ineffective or hopeless. Purpose: to carry through a medical and social analysis of the current legal framework (CLF) of Ukrainian and some international documents regulating the PHC providing organization, that are the basis for the creation and development of affordable, high-quality and efficient PHC System to the population in Ukraine. Materials and methods. In our analysis Ukrainian and international normative and legal documents, scientific literature were used. The following research methods were applied: system-analytical, comparative content analysis, system approach, generalization and grouping. Results. The legal regulation of the provision of PHC to the population of Ukraine at the state level is carried out by the relevant Laws of Ukraine, decrees of the President of Ukraine, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, orders of the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Ukraine and the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. In particular, the Law of Ukraine "On the Basis of the Legislation of Ukraine on Health Care" dated 19.11.1992, No. 2801-XII, for the first time at the legislative level in 2011, palliative care was recognized as a form of medical care, as well as the definition of the term "palliative care" was defined. Provision of PHC to cancer patients and TB patients was foreseen in the relevant Laws of Ukraine, which are not valid today. Currently, only the "National Targeted Social Program for HIV/AIDS Response for 2014-2018" is in force, which was approved by the Law of Ukraine dated 20.10.2014 No.1708-VII, which defined certain tasks related to the organization and access to PHC to people who live with HIV, training the appropriate staff to provide such care. Unfortunately, the tasks defined by these laws were not implemented: the PHC standards to patients in the facilities of palliative and hospice medicine (PCM) of the MOH of Ukraine have not yet been approved, the system of training has not been implemented, etc. Also today, PHC in Ukraine are regulated by a number of departmental regulatory acts, in particular, by Order of the MOH of Ukraine of 21.01.2013 № 41 "On the organization of palliative care in Ukraine", but there is now a significant need to complete and improve this order, taking into account Ukrainian and international development PHC experience, the results of reforming the Health Care System in Ukraine, new WHO documents, Council of Europe, EAPC, ІАНРС. It is important that valid clinical protocols from different nosologies are complemented by sections "PHC" or "Palliative Medical Care and Care at the End of Life", which has both practical and legal significance. Of particular importance is the Order of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine dated January 29, 2016, No. 58 "On Approval of the State Standard of Palliative Care", which regulates the activities of social protection institutions for the provision of PHC to patients in outpatient settings and at home, and other orders. Conclusions. 1. The content-analysis of the current Laws of Ukraine and some documents of WHO, the Council of Europe, ЕАРС, ІАНРС and other authoritative international institutes on the PHC organization allowed us to identify positive trends, in particular, the legislative approval of palliative care in Ukraine as a type of medical care, but only in relation to incurable patients with limited predictive life expectancy, and this fact goes in to a discrepancy with modern international documents. 2. The main shortcomings of the acts regulating the PHC organization delivery in Ukraine are the lack of systematic and coordinated regulatory norms, the uncertainty of the criteria of PPs with different nosologies, the lack of mechanisms for determining the status of PPs, the problems of the organization of the PHC providing for incurable sick in both in-patient and out-patient conditions and at home. 3. The aforecited statements require the urgent development and approval of the Order "About the Procedure for the Providing of Palliative Medical Care to the Population in Ukraine and the List of Medical Indications for Its Delivery" by the MOH of Ukraine, in which mechanisms and coordination of the various levels of medical care providing, standards of palliative care and maintenance of various category of PPs, criteria for the status of PPs definition, etc should be determined. 4. In order to optimize Ukrainian legislation in its part of the PHC providing organization to the population of Ukraine, there is an urgent need for the elaboration and adoption of a Law of Ukraine "About Palliative Care" by Ukrainian Parliament, in which the priorities of state policy, adequate financing of PHC from the State and Regional Budgets and extrabudgetary sources, clearly outline the system of such type of care, determine the state regulation of the provision of PHC, provide a systemicity, continuity and structuring of Ukrainian PHC, help to eliminate inter-departmental barriers on personnel policy issues, provide motivation for specialists in PHC training, PPs and their families with adequate drugs, care facilities, social, psychological and spiritual support etc. 5. An extremely urgent task that will ensure the development of an accessible, high-quality and efficient PHC System is the development and approval of the "State Social Program for the Development of Palliative and Hospice Care in Ukraine" by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Parliament of Ukraine. This document will help to realize a right of palliative patients and their families members for appropriate quality of life and its worthful ending.


system of palliative and hospice care; palliative and hospice medical care; palliative care; status of a palliative patient; normative-legal base; legislation of Ukraine; WHO; Council of Europe

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