Analysis of factors affecting the opioids availability for medical use

N. O. Datsiuk, O. P. Bratsun, D. S. Volokh, Yu. I. Gubskyi


Background. About 75% of the world's population from more than 100 countries do not have adequate treatment for severe pain due to the limited availability of opioid analgesics (OA) wich are essential medicines in treating severe pain and providing palliative care. The purpose of the study was to research the factors influencing the availability of opioids for the adequate analgesia of palliative patients based on the analysis of foreign and Ukrainian literature. Materials and methods. The literature search was carried out in Pubmed, Google scholar and the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine databases. Results. The problem of availability of OA is multifactorial and is caused by obstacles that are similar in all countries, including Ukraine. Among them: the low priority of the problem of pain relief in the health care system and low awareness among medical staff; considerably exaggerated by fears about the possibility of developing addiction and adverse reactions by opioids; excessive restrictions imposed by the national control authorities on the indicated drugs; a limited range of these drugs, a very low number of pharmacies that supply them, and high price of opioids.


opioid analgesics; availability of medicines; palliative care


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