Organization of primary health care financing

Ye. H. Zaremba, I. I. Furtak, A. I. Golunov, L. G. Vovk, I. Yu. Gavchak, I. M. Parabecka, O. V. Zaremba-Fedchishin, O. V. Zaremba, M. M. Vіrna


Background. The article analyzes the processes and perspectives of reforming primary health care. Primary health care (family medicine) funding is based on the risk of personalized primary care or capitalization. The purpose of the study is to analyze current practice and strategic directions of reorganization of primary health care financing management. Results. There are three options for using the individual principle of primary health care financing: the first option - when the individual standard includes only those costs associated with the provision of a set of medical services approved for primary health care institutions. A patient attached to this institution only receives primary health care. If necessary, additional examinations and consultations are sent to specialized outpatient and inpatient facilities. The second option - when the ambulatory family medicine (or the center of primary health care) is a structural subdivision of the outpatient clinic. This option requires not only the calculation of personal standard primary health care, but also the calculation of costs for advisory and diagnostic assistance. At the same time, the cost of advisory services are also calculated on the basis of the principle, the cost of diagnostic research - the number of studies performed and their cost. The third option - is part of the structure of multidisciplinary hospitals within the framework of vertical integration. At the same time, a multi-profile medical institution (medical corporation) receives an individual payment for every attached person, which covers the entire range of primary, specialized outpatient and hospital care. Conclusions. For all practical purposes, taking into account the current situation in Ukraine, the definition of primary health care for the served population is based on the official registration of residents according to the territorial principle. Today, this approach is still the only real practical basis for calculating budget allocations for primary health care.


primary health care; financing; reform


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