Psychosocial factors, influencing the development of the duodenal ulcer disease in children

D. V. Melnik


Background. An analysis of the socio-economic situation of families, psychological and characterological features of children with duodenal ulcer disease causes the researcher to confirm (or refute) the patterns, development trends, and mechanisms of determination of the phenomenon being studied that are hypothetically provided for them. Purpose: to study of the socio-economic situation of families and psycho-characterological features of children with duodenal ulcer disease as a factor in the progression of the disease and its possible complications. Materials and methods. The results of a survey of 425 sick children and their parents were the information base of the study. Questioning of children aged 14 and over was conducted with the written permission of their parents. The survey was carried out during respondents visit to general practitioners - family doctors, pediatricians in outpatient settings, as well as during inpatient treatment of patients. The survey was conducted using a specially designed questionnaire. The study ensured the safety of confidential respondents’ data. The main method of research was sociological, and also methods of comparison, medical-statistical and process analysis were used. The article reveals the results of sociological research (analysis of the questionnaires), and also presents general data on school-age children who took part in the study. Conclusions. The results of the study enable to identify statistically significant risk factors, which affects the results of the occurrence of duodenal ulcer disease that is necessary to determine the risk group of children and their families in order to carry out preventive and counseling work. Accounting for all risk factors will provide an opportunity to optimize the preventive component of primary health care and improve the quality of health of school-age children.


duodenal ulcer disease; risk factors; school-age children; primary health care


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