Organization of the hospital management service

Ye. H. Zaremba, I. I. Furtak, A. I. Golunov, L. G. Vovk, I. Yu. Gavchak, M. M., Mamchin, O. V. Zaremba-Fedchishin, O. V. Zaremba, M. M. Vіrna


Background. The article analyzes the course of processes and the prospects for the reform of hospital care. The purpose of the study is to analyze the current practice of the organization of hospital management services. Results. There are three main approaches to the organization of the financing of hospital care: full retrospective compensation of all costs incurred; сompensation for any activity based on a given model of use of fees - for example, on the model groups combined according to the diagnosis (DRG); prospective financing of expected future expenditures using fixed budgets. Conclusions. The successful functioning of the integrated healthcare system requires carefully elaborated incentives that would allow for phase-out optimization to be economically beneficial for all stakeholders. An integrated health care system сreating requires to develop a new model of payment for medical services, in which doctors would be financially interested in thorough planning of services provided by them. New integrated systems are not only coordinated structures for the provision of medical care to patients, but allow financially interested doctors to provide the highest quality services at the lowest possible price.


hospital help; reform; medical services


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