Vol 5, No 1-2 (2016)

Table of Contents

Medical education

Family medicine at the head of the reform of health care of Ukraine PDF
Yu. Voronenko, O. Shekera 20-23

Clinical and experimental medicine

Acute and recurrent oral candidiasis under experimental conditions: characteristics of its pathogenesis PDF
G. Beketova, N. Savychuk, A. Savychuk 24-36
Hearing function in children with nasal septum deviation before and after septoplasty PDF
I. Kosakivska, A. Kosakivskyi 37-43
Clostridial myonecrosis in 21th century PDF
G. Kirzhner 44-45
Diagnostics and treatment of resistant arterial hypertension PDF
O. Korzh 46-50
Lipid profile changes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune thyroiditis PDF
L. Khimion, O. Yashchenko, I. Naishtetik, O. Piura 51-52
Action of enamel matrix proteins on human osteogenous progenitor bone marrow cells, an experimental study PDF
G. Biloklytska, L. Panchenko, I. Braun 53-56
Labours with partners and sexual health of women PDF
O. Gorbunova, S. Vdovichenko, I. Shekera 57-62
Risk factors of developing of malignancies of a prostate gland and problem of their timely diagnostics PDF
I. Didyk 63-65

General practice - family medicine

Polymorbidity patient in family physician practice PDF
L. Khimion, I. Klymas 66-68

Public health management

Conceptual approaches to developing military medical doctrine PDF
O. Shekera, O. Shekera, G. Kirzhner 69-77
International expirience of emergency medical care PDF
O. Shekera, V. Tkachenko 78-81
Stroke:strategy and tactics of management PDF
I. Zozulya, A. Zozulya, A. Volosovets 82-86


Global bioethics approach to public health PDF
S. Pustovit, L. Paliei 87-89

Materials of scientific and practical conferences

VII International Medical Forum "Medicine innovations - the nation's health"and V International Medical Congress "Introduction of modern medical science advances into healthcare practice in Ukraine" April 19-21, 2016, Kyiv (theses) PDF
Yu. Voronenko, O. Shekera, G. Beketova, et al. 90-145