Vol 6, No 3 (2017)

Table of Contents

General practice - family medicine

The use of the questionnaire method to improve the training of general practitioners — family physicians for the management of hypertensive patients PDF (Українська)
L.V. Khimion, O.B. Yaschenko, L.O. Druzhilina 15-19
The features of arterial hypertension combined with connective tissue dysplasia in family doctor practice PDF (Українська)
Ye.Kh. Zaremba, N.O. Rak, O.V. Zaremba-Fedchyshyn 20-27
An effect of subclinical hypothyroidism on the cardiovascular pathology development PDF (Українська)
O.G. Shekera, Kh.M. Kukharchuk 28-32
Preventive measures in school-age children with gastoroenterological pathology PDF (Українська)
D.V. Melnyk 33-38

Internal diseases

Incidence and degree of respiratory disorders in patients with arterial hypertension depending of smoking duration PDF (Українська)
O.B. Voloshyna, T.O. Dychko, I.S. Lysyy, V.O. Zbitneva 43-46


Some diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of Bouveret syndrome PDF (Українська)
G.G. Roschyn, M.I. Tutchenko, N.I. Іskra, D.V. Rudyk 47-50

Infectious diseases

Ambroxol in comprehensive treatment of patients with acute respiratory diseases PDF
O.K. Duda, V.O. Boyko, L.P. Kotsiubailo, A.I. Konoplianik 55-58

Psychiatry, clinical psychology

Тhe role of motivation and classroom equipment when training in psychiatry and narcology PDF (Українська)
V.D. Mishiyev, Ye.G. Grynevych, V.Yu. Omelyanovych, S.M. Makarenko 64-68

Social medicine

The importance of international definitions, approaches and standards for the optimization of palliative care in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
A.V. Tsarenko, A. Slavutskyy, A.V. Talnov, A.A. Zlotnуk 69-76

Obstetrics and gynecology

Reproductive behavior and contraceptive choice of women — internal migrants PDF (Русский)
G.J. Beyshenbіyeva, Zh.K. Isakovа 39-42

Nerve disease

The analysis on the influence of month of birth on the development of multiple sclerosis in terms of comorbidity PDF (Українська)
G.M. Chupryna 59-63

Technology of medicines and organization of pharmaceutical business

Content analysis of pharmacies in Ukraine where extemporaneous medicines are manufactured PDF (Українська)
V.O. Shapovalova, S.I. Zbrozhek, V.V. Shapovalov, V.V. Shapovalov 77-83

Therapy and rheumatology

The use of systemic enzyme therapy and a multi-needle, multi-metal Lyapko applicator in the rehabilitation of patients with osteoarthritis in combination with chronic pancreatitis PDF (Українська)
L.S. Babinets, T.G. Mayevska, I.M. Galabitska 51-54